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India's No 1 Coconut Oil- Parachute

Journey of Parachute

In the 1980s, Mr. Harsh Mariwala sought to build a prosperous consumer-facing company for his coconut oil brand Parachute. Large 15 litre canisters were used at the time to deliver the parachute to wholesalers and distributors. Coconut oil was only offered to retail customers in tin packs for little amounts, with Parachute having a small market share. By introducing tiny plastic bottles suitable for retail use, Mr. Mariwala invented and changed the coconut oil retail sector from tins to plastic. Plastic bottles were more visually appealing, more practical to use, and more affordable (since plastics were cheaper than tins).

Retailers, on the other hand, refused to stock the parachute bottles out of concern that rats would chew into the plastic and leak oil into the store, ruining the entire establishment. As a result, Parachute innovated once more by producing plastic bottles in a circular form that the rats couldn’t grip. In another experiment, rats and parachutes bottles were housed in the same rat cage. They shared photos of the experiment with merchants after noticing that rodents couldn’t break the bottles. As Parachute bottles eventually became more available in stores, demand for the product started to climb. Through advertising, Mr. Mariwala raised brand awareness while saving money by using plastic instead of tin. Within a few years, the entire market had switched from tins to plastics, and Parachute had risen to the top!


It makes advertisements for itself in print, on television, outside, and online. Additionally, it features van advertisements that advertise the company in rural areas. A 20% additional sales promotion was given for 200 ml. The product is highly advertised every year before Holi and during the winter. The taglines “1 hour champi kiya!” and “Gorgeous Hamesha” were part of the Parachute Advanced campaign on television. Newspapers, magazines, and 2-day print ads for parachute therapy are a few instances of print media.

The sales promotion also includes a promotion for the holiday season. The parachute jasmine oil is intended for women between the ages of 18 and 24 who want to feel confident while also respecting the traditional values and customs of their ancestors.

A 45-day parachute therapy hair treatment is being offered in the campaign’s radio advertisement. In Bangladesh, there is a rural advertising campaign called Parachute Anti Loose Oil. A 25% conversion has occurred from the use of loose coconut oil to the Parachute Pouch Pack. The Van campaign is a well-liked option in the villages, especially in rural areas, and it attracts a sizable crowd.

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