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Journey of Sunsilk

Journey of Sunsilk

In 1954, Sunsilk, a well-known hair care company, was established in the UK. The Unilever Corporation produces it. There are products from this brand available everywhere. This is the most well-liked hair care brand in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bolivia, the Philippines, Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. The goods are offered under a number of brand names, such as Seda, Elidor, and Sedal. Every shampoo is suggested by a renowned hair care expert and created by competent hair care designers.

Leading celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Shakira, and Madonna represent brands. A variety of shampoos and conditioners are available from Sunsilk. Shampoos and conditioners revitalise your hair; some will make it smoother while others treat dry hair.

Understanding the Logo

The Sunsilk logo was modernised and simplified in 2016. Round in shape, the new badge has a fuchsia gradient background and white text. The contrast between the two colours is remarkable, and the delicate sans-serif typography gives off the impression of being firm while still being delicate and delicate. The bespoke Sunsilk typeface, developed for the company in 2016, featured crisp, smooth lines with distinct cuts and softened angles from the emblem. The typeface of the logotype is extremely close to ITC Bauhaus Pro Medium and Oxo, but with sharpened and altered line endings.

The colour combination of fuchsia and white used in the Sunsilk logo represents femininity, style, and beauty. The colour scheme creates an atmosphere of refinement, tenderness, and passion for the business and guarantees a successful outcome.

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